#1st place finish at local DJ competition!!!

WOOOT! I placed 1st! I have to admit entering the DJ competition was fun, but a little nerve-racking. I mean, I have been Dj'ing in front of people for a long time, but when everyone single person in the room is watching & listening and scrutinizing everything you do, it gives you a very odd feeling while trying to perform.

My set actually started off with a hiccup in the first 10 seconds. The sound stopped and I was stressed! I started again quickly and continued on, which I thought might have hurt my chances. My idea for the set was a party hype electo remix vibe to start with a then have some remixes breaks songs with b-more to finish. I ended up playing about 8 songs in the time frame on 20 minutes.

I want to say thank you to all my friends who came out and watched me perform, and thank you to the promoters, judges and the staff at Felicita's Pub @ Uvic. Also it was really cool to meet all of you, the other DJ's, and get to witness so many different styles of DJ'ing in one night. After seeing some of the gear DJ's were using last night, I believe were @ the start of a DJ explosion! I will post some video of my set shortly, so check back soon! - Cheers